Join our Subconsultant Prequalification Program

Westwood is continuously working to develop and maintain quality relationships with both new and existing subconsultants. We require all subconsultants to register in our procurement portal before contracting with Westwood.  

Bonfire Interactive hosts our procurement portal, which enables you to access business opportunities and submit proposals and bids to Westwood digitally. Bonfire enables Westwood to communicate better with you, streamline contracting, and improve due diligence. 

When registering with Bonfire, select the vendor type that describes the services you will provide to Westwood. Once you have completed the initial registration, switch your vendor type to “[Vendor Type] - Phase 2”. This will unlock more pre-qualification questions. Phase 1 registers your company and allows Westwood to begin the pre-qualification process. 

Registration is easy and free. If you have any challenges with the registration process, get in touch with Bonfire Interactive Support at

Please be assured all confidential submitted information is kept confidential and only reviewed by Westwood’s leadership. 

Step 1

Register to contract with Westwood

Step 2

Get Prequalified

Step 3

Streamlined contracting
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