Image of a large, multi-story glass hotel. Image of a large, multi-story glass hotel.

Our extensive experience in the hospitality market includes multidiscipline services for hotels, casinos, and entertainment facilities. From new construction to renovations and expansions, our clients benefit from complete evaluations and solutions for almost any property and land matter with a focus on the physical constraints and environmental requirements of the property. Our team has worked with an extensive list of hospitality clients and project architects to rezone properties and prepare construction-level design plans for multiple sites. Our focus is on the ability to combine creative solutions with the technical, environmental, and operational planning skills necessary for a project’s success.

Full-Service Solutions

Our sitewide services include master planning, zoning, lot configuration, grading, drainage, utility infrastructure, and demolition package assistance. Our full-service solutions include grading options for the plaza/landscape areas, offsite utility infrastructure improvements, and options to bury existing overhead lines as part of our design.


We understand accessibility is an important consideration for a hospitality project to ensure everyone can access and enjoy the space, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. As such, it is essential to consider the needs of all guests when designing the project. Our solutions ensure there are no physical barriers that would prevent someone from accessing the site and space.

Amenities Design

Our engineering solutions blend with the designs of our landscape architects to create the amenities typically associated with the hospitality environment. Outdoor socializing spaces, resort pools, roof gardens, and event lawns are a part of many of our designs, ranging from the high-rise hotel to the boutique resort.

Hospitality Experience
Westin Irving Convention Center Hotel

Irving, TX
Client: BOKA Powell
Scope: Landscape Architecture for convention center hotel and its on-structure amenity space. 

American Airlines Hospitality Complex
Aerial image of the large hotel, conference, and training facility.

Fort Worth, Texas
Client: American Airlines 
Scope: 600-room hotel, conference, and training center to accommodate American Airlines’ growing workforce.

Durango Resort

Las Vegas, NV
Client: Station Casinos
Scope: 83,000 sq ft casino with boutique gaming and resort experience

CHS Field

St. Paul, MN
Client: Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Scope: 7,200-seat project

Orchestra Hall

Minneapolis, MN
Client: NTH, Inc.
Scope: 1.7 acre auditorium expansion

Skye Canyon Community Center

Las Vegas, NV
Client: Oympia Companies
Scope: 13.5-acre recreational facility

Core Expertise
  • Site Development Design
  • Site Investigation
  • Master Planning
  • Site Grading and Drainage
  • Site Utility Design
  • Site Paving Design
  • Erosion Control
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Observation
  • Site Optimization
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Hydraulics and Hydrology
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Urban Planning & Design
  • Irrigation, Water Harvesting & Stormwater Reuse
  • Green Roofs & Amenity Terraces
  • Land Surveying
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