Small downtown community in the United States. Small downtown community in the United States.

Our team has a diverse set of professionals with a broad range of experience in the analysis, planning, and site design for local cities, counties, and districts. With an ever-growing population, unpredictable climate conditions, aging infrastructure, and budgetary constraints, it is essential to efficiently plan and design for the future of our resources. To be successful, the project must meet the current demand, while providing for future expansion and contributing to the fabric of the local community in a meaningful and positive way.

Each project must be limited in its impact on the residential and business communities, both in the short and long term. Our project delivery approach is to integrate our technical and management staff to form a team with our clients, working closely together to ensure that the community’s goals and needs are being met with innovative and effective solutions.

Community Outreach

Our team holds input meetings to help involve and inform those impacted by projects. Engaging early on with property owners who are immediately affected helps foster an advocate community rather than adversaries as the project moves forward. We make it our priority to ensure the project starts on the right foot through a people-first approach.

Permitting Assistance

Permitting is one of the most impactful aspects of a design project and can often add months or even years to the project schedule. Our team is uniquely suited to work with multiple reviewing entities while bringing together all other phases of land development. When starting a new project, one of our first tasks is to check the current ordinances and regulations that could impact the project.

Funding & Grant Assistance

Our teams have a proven track record of writing successful grant applications, including competitive, formula-based, and monies designated through the congressional appropriation process. We have obtained more than $180 million for clients through grant research, writing, and management. Our team is also experts in identifying additional funding opportunities, often beyond the anticipated scope, enabling our clients to get the most out of their budgets.

Municipal Experience
Crowley Main Street

Crowley, TX
Client: City of Crowley, EDC
Scope: City street improvements

Central Social District Park
Aerial image of a park space including an owning, parking, a water feature, and swinging benches.

Van Alstyne, TX
Client: City of Van Alstyne
Scope: Full-service design for downtown plaza and concert venue

Z-Plex Texas Sports Village
Aerial image of four baseball diamonds.

Melissa, TX
Client: City of Melissa
Scope: Full service design for 100-acre multi-sport facility

Spring Valley Road
Image include a road on the left, a wide walking path on the right and a transmission line in the background.

Richardson, TX
Client: City of Richardson
Scope: Intersection, bridges, and trail improvements

Bois d’Arc Lake Facilities
Lake Bois d’Arc facilities in Texas.

Bonham, TX
Client: North Texas Municipal Water District
Scope: Designed facilities for critical new source of water

CLV Lake Mead Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV
Client: City of Las Vegas, Operations and Maintenance
Scope: Approximately 2.5 miles of roadway improvements

Core Expertise
  • Major & Minor Roadway Design
  • Transportation
  • Traffic Control Planning
  • Traffic Signal Design & Timing
  • Hydraulics and Hydrology
  • Erosion Controls and SWPPP
  • Water Harvesting & Stormwater Reuse
  • Utilities Infrastructure
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Streetscape Design
  • Park & Trail Design
  • Master Planning
  • Community Outreach & Engagement
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Urban Planning & Design
  • Funding / Grant Procurement Assistance
  • Permitting Assistance
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