Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Designing the foundations of environments

Our talented engineers take pride in helping shape the future of the world around us. From designing infrastructure that supports roads, bridges, and buildings, to managing site plans and protecting the environment, our civil engineers work to create a better, more sustainable future for all. Whether working on a large-scale industrial complex or residential project, we provide innovative and effective solutions to support our clients’ visions and ease everyday challenges.​

Grading, stormwater management, and a complete design package are a few services our civil engineering support on large project sites. Grading, stormwater management, and a complete design package are a few services our civil engineering support on large project sites.
topographical background topographical background

Roads, grading, streams, stormwater management, water systems, overall site planning, traffic, and creating a complete design package are just a tiny bit of what our talented civil engineering team can design. From a small substation upgrade to a large public infrastructure project, our team will create optimal solutions within your scope, budget, and regulatory requirements. Whatever challenges your project is facing – schedule, coordination, entitlements, grading constraints, available infrastructure, or utility connections – our engineering team has the expertise to guide you to the end.   

Core Expertise
  • Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Layout, Site Optimization, and Cost Estimates
  • LID Programming and LEED Scoping
  • Site Constraint Analysis
  • Road Use Agreement Support
  • Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Drainage Analysis
  • Site Engineering Concepts
  • Preliminary Plan Approval
  • Site Grading and Earthwork Balance
  • Stormwater Management
  • Water and Sanitary Sewer System Design
  • Parking Lot and Circulation Design
  • Erosion Control Design/NPDES Permitting
  • Utility District Creation, Bond Application Reports
  • Site Feasibility/Zoning Analysis
  • Integrating and Coordinating Permitting Requirements
  • Roadway Design
  • Bridge Analysis and Design
  • Final Construction Plans and Bidding Support
  • GIS and Field Support Integration
Civil Engineering Projects
Passport Business Park

DFW International Airport, TX
Client: F.A. Peinado
Scope: Designed spine roads, water line, and wastewater lines

CCDLP Wind Project

Mojave, CA
Client: M.A. Mortenson Construction
Scope: 102 MW, 34 turbines, four sections of land

Waianae Solar LLC

Waianae, Oahu, HI
Client: Eurus Energy and REC Solar
Scope: 27.6 MWac, single-axis tracker

Central Social District Park

Van Alstyne, TX
Client: City of Van Alstyne
Scope: Full service design ffor downtown plaza and concert venue.

Senate Wind

Jack and Young Counties, TX
Client: Gamesa Wind US, LLC and M.A. Mortenson Construction
Scope: 150 MW, 75 turbines, 15,000 acres

American Airlines Integrated Ops Center

Fort Worth, TX
Client: Corgan Associates
Scope: 150,000-square-foot integrated operations center and parking

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