Energy Storage

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Energy Storage

The need and opportunity for energy storage has never been greater. We are proud to have enabled the exponential growth of battery energy storage systems by leveraging our power, renewables, and land development expertise from land entitlement to construction. Beyond battery energy storage, we are excited about the potential of green hydrogen and power-to-x, and their role in decarbonization. Whether your project is standalone or integrated with renewables, we can support you as you vet suppliers, optimize site design, and mitigate project challenges.

Our team has permitted, engineered, and surveyed the largest energy storage and renewable energy projects in the U.S. We optimize sites while keeping permitting requirements, supply chain delays, and constructability in mind. We evaluate equipment and reduce costs by streamlining studies and procurement specifications. Whether you’re developing a new project or adding energy storage to an existing facility, we're ready to help.

Streamlined Standalone

Our experienced engineers and land planners work together with your team to prepare plan sets ready for local zoning and construction permit reviews, while meeting the utility and client operational requirements. When we blend our in-house talents, the results are streamlined development processes and cost-saving practices for your energy storage system.

Green Hydrogen

The electricity converted into hydrogen by electrolysis from renewable energy, known as green hydrogen, can also be stored and re-electrified for the grid. With our vast range of engineering expertise, we can assist you along the way for your next green hydrogen + storage project.

Energy Storage Experience
Edwards-Sandborn Solar + Storage

Kern County, CA
Client: Terra-Gen & Mortenson
Scope: 950 MWdc of solar and 2,400 MWh of energy storage.

Iron Horse Energy Storage and Solar

Tuscon, AZ
Client: Signal Energy and E.ON
Scope: 2 MWac PV array; 10 MW/2.5MWh energy storage

Byrd Ranch Energy Storage

Sweeny, TX
Client: GlidePath
Scope: 50 MW stand-alone battery energy storage project.

Horse Heaven Energy Center

Benton County, WA
Client: Scout Clean Energy
Scope: 1,150 MW Wind, Solar, and Battery Storage

Core Expertise
  • Conceptual Site Plans
  • Energy Production Estimates
  • Interconnection Application Support
  • Fatal Flaw Studies
  • Permit Matrix
  • Federal, State, and Local Permitting
  • Natural Resource Assessments and Field Studies
  • DC Electrical Engineering
  • AC Electrical Engineering
  • Utility Discovery
  • Electrical Studies
  • Substation and Overhead T&D Coordination
  • Communication Systems Coordination
  • Civil Engineering Design
  • Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling
  • Layout Staking
  • Interconnection Coordination
  • DC-Coupled Solar + Storage
  • AC-Coupled Solar + Storage
  • Standalone Containerized BESS 
  • Standalone Building-Based BESS
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