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 An aerial view of a master-planned residential community and the benefits of residential planning and construction.  An aerial view of a master-planned residential community and the benefits of residential planning and construction.
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Single Family

Westwood has planned and designed hundreds of single family communities throughout the nation. These projects range in scope from a single custom lot to 1,000+ unit subdivisions. At Westwood, our single family team specializes in all aspects of development from land planning through construction. Our preliminary due diligence on raw land development projects allows us to identify potential problems and pinpoint challenges up front, such as zoning/land use, grading and drainage, off site infrastructure improvements, traffic impacts, and potential floodplain reclamation needs.

Master Planned Developments

Westwood specializes in planning and designing master planned communities. Our team of infrastructure design experts are able to design large scale projects all in-house from due diligence to final construction drawings. 

Municipal Utility Districts

Westwood has experience in creating and maintaining Municipal Utility Districts (MUD). These districts are required when water, sewage, drainage and other utilities are not available by the local governing agencies. 

Rental Developments

Westwood has experience developing subdivisions, developments, and master plans across the nation. Single family for rent development is very similar to traditional single family residential development. Westwood's expertise will provide our clients with the best partner. 

Single Family Experience
Enclave at Lake Highlands Town Center
Enclave LHTC

Dallas, TX
Client: David Weekley Homes
Scope: High-density single family homes

Travis Ranch

Arlington, TX
Client: CTMGT Travis Ranch
Scope: 2,000-acre master planned community

Skye Canyon Master Plan

Las Vegas, NV
Client: Olympia Companies
Scope: 1,700-acre master planned community


Lakeville, MN
Client: Mattamy Homes
Scope: 834 single family homes 

Valencia Hills

San Antonio, TX
Client: The Capital Foresight, LP
Scope: 3-phase, 173-lot single family development

Providence Development

Sartell, MN
Client: Sartell Development, LLC
Scope: 80-lot single family subdivision

Project Expertise
  • Site Constraint Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Engineering Concepts
  • Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Preliminary Engineering Analysis
  • Entitlement Planning and Advocacy
  • Site Grading and Earthwork Balance Evaluation
  • Drainage Analysis
  • Water and Sanitary Sewer System Design
  • Roadway Design
  • Erosion Control Design
  • Offsite Infrastructure Improvements
  • Final Construction Plans and Permitting
  • Final Development Cost Analysis
  • Parking Capacity Studies
  • Parking Lot and Circulation Design
  • Innovative Stormwater Management
  • NPDES Permitting / SWPPP
  • Expert Witness / Condemnation Review
  • Utility District Creation and Bond Application Reports
Collaborative Solutions

Innovative ideas appear at the crossroads of expertise. When we blend our in-house talents and share knowledge, the results are streamlined development processes and unique, cost-saving practices.

Single Family Single Family
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