Photo of Daniel Baggiani Photo of Daniel Baggiani

Dan Baggiani, PE

Senior Director, Power Delivery

Dan has spent 14 years in the utility industry, managing designers, engineers and project managers across multiple offices. He’s intimately familiar with the leadership required by complex, multi-million-dollar transmission and distribution projects that include many stakeholders and subconsultants. These projects often require the management of many services and products – civil plans, electrical studies, surveying, LiDAR, geotechnical evaluation, structural design, and construction management to name a few.
As a co-founder of Main Line Energy Consultants, Dan was instrumental in establishing multiple office locations for the company, and in expanding the client and project footprint to multiple states. He has been focused on developing next generation leaders who will set the pace and make a difference in a technologically dynamic field, filled with potential for transformation and progress. Dan developed his own criteria for an internally administered foundation design class to teach new engineers about soil borings and designing deep foundations. The enhanced design team has contributed to many strong client relationships. Client feedback to Dan includes, “We took a step to build a relationship with your organization and it is paying dividends today and will into the future.”

  • Western Michigan University, BS Civil Engineering
  • Notre Dame, CERT Executive Certificate in Leadership