Jerry Slater, PE

Vice President, Land Division, West Region

Jerry has over 25 years of experience in civil engineering, including program-level scheduling, project management, land planning, mapping, hydrology, mass grading and drainage, roadways, site development, water and wastewater facilities, dry utilities, public presentations, agency coordination, permitting, and construction phase services.

In his current role, Jerry oversees the Land Development team in Westwood’s West Region. His responsibilities include guiding day-to-day business operations, strategic planning, and client management. Jerry also provides guidance, trains on daily project management responsibilities, and supports the career development of those he oversees.

Jerry is passionate about the intricate planning and design of infrastructure for expansive master planned communities. These types of projects are highly complex, involving many disciplines and seamless coordination over an extended period. Jerry’s expertise lies in navigating the challenges of these large-scale developments and ensuring that every aspect of the infrastructure aligns with the community’s long-term vision and sustainability goals. His strategic approach involves integrating various elements of design, engineering, and project management to create cohesive and innovative solutions that drive the communities’ success.

  • Portland State University, BS Civil Engineering
  • ACEC