September 12, 2023

Acquisition Success Story | CVL Consultants of Colorado

Image is a maroon background with a red topo overlay. The text includes Acquisition Success Story. Image is a maroon background with a red topo overlay. The text includes Acquisition Success Story.

Throughout the years, our team has completed multiple acquisitions. All have focused on delivering positive outcomes for employees, clients, and our combined businesses in close collaboration with the firms' owners. 

A 20-Year History 

In 2000, Karl Knapp, founded CVL Consultants of Colorado (CVL). Karl's relationships with key clients in the Denver, Colorado, area provided a springboard to success and resulted in significant project awards and deep industry relationships in the community.  

Pat Quinney, Jim Jannicke, and Sarah Kolz joined Karl upon the formation of CVL, continuing their professional relationships from previous company experiences. Shortly after, Melinda Lundquist joined the group too. The team represented the company's core principles that led to CVL's success over 20 years of operation before the acquisition by Westwood. The group was fortunate to have many talented engineers and surveyors join the team, helping establish CVL as a leader in private-sector consulting and construction staking services in the Front Range of Colorado.  

Facing challenges during the great recession, CVL was able to diversify into the energy sector and support oil and gas projects in the fields east of Denver. When the recession subsided, the team returned to meet the accelerated demands of private development within the Front Range.  

Pursuing Growth and Opportunity Through Acquisition 

CVL's acquisition started with the leadership team's desire to accelerate their land development services, offer employees alternative consulting career paths, and diversify revenue streams to provide financial stability. Leaders knew they could offer an acquiring company an excellent growth opportunity in a desirable geographic location. 

The Acquisition Process 

Leadership from CVL and Westwood were brought together as a possible fit through an acquisition advisory consultant. Initial discussions involved common goals for focused services and the importance of enhancing opportunities for staff. Both teams quickly recognized the potential of joining forces. Although the acquisition process was complicated due to the uncertainties created by COVID, both firms continued to thrive in their project work, and the acquisition was successfully closed on July 31, 2020. 

Opportunities Resulting from Acquisition 

Since adding resources and opportunities through the acquisition, team members have expanded their skills and taken on new roles and unique projects. Others continue to grow into leadership roles. Sarah Kolz, one of CVL's original team members, now serves as the Director of Land, Colorado, and leads the local team to maintain its position as a premier service provider in the state. The team is now fully integrated into the company and is a key contributor to Westwood's culture and vision for the future. 

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