April 4, 2022

Lynn Kadleck, PE, RPLS Retires

Lynn Kadleck, Commercial Development, Residential Development, Private Development, Civil Engineering, Surveying Lynn Kadleck, Commercial Development, Residential Development, Private Development, Civil Engineering, Surveying

Westwood congratulates Lynn Kadleck, PE, RPLS, on his upcoming retirement. Lynn joined Westwood in 2016 as a senior project manager serving residential and commercial development. As both a professional civil engineer and registered professional land surveyor, Lynn’s unique expertise brought rare insights and efficiencies to his projects.  

Before Westwood acquired his firm in 2016, Lynn successfully owned and operated Kadleck and Associates for 29 years. The firm supported both private and public sector clients. 

Achievements, Awards, & Project Success  

Lynn had an accomplished 50-year career. He provided oversight to ensure the successful design and construction of projects throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Lynn began his career working for a small consulting firm while attending college. He then moved on to a larger consulting firm for four years and later, a development company for five years. When the economy began to deteriorate in the mid-1980s, Lynn started his own company, Kadleck and Associates. The firm began by offering land surveying followed by civil engineering services.  

“The firm stayed busy for 30 years,” says Lynn. “When Westwood approached me, I felt it was a wonderful opportunity. Westwood was so accommodating. I enjoyed the people and atmosphere. Since joining, I’ve never had a bad moment.”  

When asked about some of his favorite projects, Lynn discussed two that he has spent eleven and five years working on. Changes in the floodplain, the environment, and standards kept those projects evolving.  

He also enjoyed helping on a homeless cottage project. The team built small cottages for those less fortunate. Similarly, he worked on townhome projects for low-income seniors.  

He says, “It is satisfying when the work you do can help society.”   

The Next Chapter 

Lynn is proud of his achievements. He began working at the age of eleven, flipping hamburgers. He worked to gain a college degree on his own and started a company. As he transitions into the next chapter of life, he looks forward to spending more time with his family. He also looks forward to completing several small projects he has been putting off.  

“We are grateful for Lynn’s contributions, knowledge, leadership, and attitude over the last six years. It has been a joy to get to know Lynn and his wife, Brenda. He will be missed,” says Randy Pogue, PE, Vice President, Land Division, South Region. “We wish him and Brenda all the best in retirement.” 

Thank you, Lynn, and congratulations on your retirement! 

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