July 13, 2021

Meet New Westwood Associate David Haile

Photo of David Haile Photo of David Haile

Get to know our newest associates! We are excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward. The associate designation at Westwood represents a team member who provides considerable value to the firm through their leadership traits and technical expertise.

We are excited to announce one of Westwood’s 2021 associates, David Haile, Project Manager, Land Residential. David joins 25 of his colleagues in earning the distinction this year in acknowledgment of their dedication and leadership at Westwood.

David works in the Las Vegas, Nevada, Westwood location. One of Westwood’s core values is relationships, and David is committed to building those relationships in his work. David says, “Without good communication and relationships, projects would never move forward.”

He continues, “Developing those relationships and open lines of communication with your teams and clients is crucial to our success.”

Motivated by the people and culture of Westwood, David is excited to take on the role of associate to help elevate that culture even more. He says, “The commitment to people and the culture of Westwood are what stands out the most and is unlike any other company I have worked for.”

Westwood’s mission is something that keeps David motivated in his work with his clients and his team. “The mission of Solutions for your Success provides a win-win for the client and our teams. It drives our need for innovation and our desire to build relationships with our clients, offering the best solutions possible,” says David.

David’s advice to people early in their careers is to be open to learning throughout every stage of it. He says, “I would tell younger employees to try and learn as much as you can early in your career. It will set a good foundation for whatever path you go down later and prepare you for challenges.”

Thank you, David, and congratulations!

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