November 17, 2020

Meet one of Westwood’s 2020 Culture Ambassadors, Evan Langran

Evan Langran Evan Langran

Each year, Westwood’s company awards acknowledge the contributions of top project managers, mentors, client champions, and culture ambassadors. Evan Langran is one of our award winners. Take a peek at what Evan loves about Westwood and why his perspective adds value.  

“The atmosphere – of course,” says Evan Langran when asked what he most enjoys about working at Westwood. The engineering team has many individuals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. For him, seeing the team rally together after a major setback and keep morale high is deeply inspiring.  Evan considers this the recipe for success for any team experiencing setbacks.

Evan takes pride in the work his team produces. He ensures clients get the most cost- and time-efficient, optimized design. He considers his previous construction experience and his present, more technical role of seeing renewable energy projects from concept to operation, as a value to his clients. “A broad perspective improves understanding of total time and cost impacts associated with a project,” says Evan.

Evan’s experiences have given him the opportunity to mentor a team of passionate, talented, and young electrical engineers. He is humbled at the opportunity to teach and hopes to instill the importance that the broader understanding of both practical and technical perspectives matter in a good design. He is eager to grow members of his team into future leaders, as he says, Westwood has created a positive environment for long term growth.

For Evan, every day is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Congratulations Evan! We are grateful you are on the Westwood team.

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