October 20, 2020

Meet One of Westwood's 2020 Top PM's, Jon Poll

Photo of Jonathan Poll Photo of Jonathan Poll

Each year, Westwood’s company awards acknowledge the contributions of top project managers, top mentors, top client champions, and culture ambassadors. Jon Poll is one of our award winners. Here is a glimpse of what makes him tick.

“I enjoy working hard and doing the very best I can. I feel the work I put into my growing team will not only help Westwood be successful but our clients as well,” says Jon Poll. As a top project manager at Westwood, Jon’s tenacious work ethic has helped him develop lasting client relationships.

Jon has spent the past 17 years dedicated to fostering these relationships, and he attributes much of his success to regularly enhancing his communication skills. Jon believes that great internal communication is essential for building both client and team relationships. “Regardless of the office location our teams are based, we need to come together to be successful as our clients depend on us.” says, Jon.

When asked about the future for Westwood, Jon sees nothing but growth opportunities. He is eager to continue to expand the organization and support the development of team members’ career paths. He also looks forward to continuing to strengthen and develop his client relationships.

Clients and coworkers may be surprised to know that Jon used to be a sponsored amateur off-road racer for several years. Jon’s winning spirit is clearly a big part of who he is.

Congratulations Jon! We are thankful you are on the Westwood team.

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