June 29, 2020

Meet Westwood Associate Jerrod Ratcliffe

Photo of Jerrod Ratcliffe

Get to know our newest shareholders and associates over the coming weeks. We're excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward. 

Jerrod Ratcliffe appreciates the value of relationships. “22 of my 27 years have been spent in the Las Vegas Valley working on public works projects. The experience provided the opportunity for me to develop excellent working relationships with key personnel at each of the public agencies, as well as local utility companies,” says Jerrod. “These relationships are extremely valuable for successful completion of projects.”

“The most important learning moment for me was when I had to start answering for my own work,” shares Jerrod. “Once I was getting the phone calls and emails with questions, problems, and conflicts, and it became my responsibility to answer for it, my work became more accurate and higher quality knowing that I had to have the answers.”

As a Westwood associate, Jerrod takes pride in knowing his hard work and accomplishments have been recognized and rewarded. “It is an exciting next step in my career that began as a drafter at an environmental engineering company.” Jerrod is now a senior project manager. In addition to producing high quality bid documents for public transportation projects, Jerrod says he’s known in the office for listening to awesome rock music and enjoying delicious local craft beverages after hours.

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