August 14, 2020

Meet Westwood Shareholder Dan Baggiani

Photo of Daniel Baggiani

Get to know our newest shareholders and associates! We're excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward.

“Relationships, internal and external, are critical to the success of any business,” says new shareholder Dan Baggiani. “As we work on establishing them and turning them into partnerships, we can see the long-term benefits for both us and our clients.” Dan takes pride in the amazing and successful work that results from the relationships he’s fostered. He looks forward to expanding Westwood’s power delivery market through a diverse base of capabilities, development of new client partnerships, and the integration of technology to meet their energy goals.

Internally, Dan works to strengthen relationships and develop younger team members. He explains, “It’s important to take the time to mentor and coach so that today’s staff can be our leaders tomorrow.” At Westwood, Dan enjoys the relaxed yet vision-driven atmosphere. “People are allowed and encouraged to be who they are; at the end of the day we’re serious about the work we do and take pride in it. The autonomous nature drives us to do our best and brightest work while channeling an open culture to share and explore ideas at all levels.”

Dan’s favorite times with his team are the office summer picnics. “We play volleyball and cater in BBQ. Even though we spend all week together, it’s great to have this extra opportunity to relax, have fun, and appreciate the great team we have!”

In addition to his great work at Westwood, for the past nine years Dan has dedicated two weeks each year to travel and participate in building/mission projects across the world. “Sometimes we’re building churches or re-facing building facades. What’s truly enjoyable is the people I go to serve and the commonality that instantly exists halfway across the world.”

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