November 9, 2020

A Message to Our Clients and Vendors

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To our loyal clients and vendors,

We wish for your health and wellness during this time.

Westwood’s proactive approach to the challenges of COVID-19 continues to help us maintain operations without interruption and keep our communities safe. Our optimized technologies, network, and telecommuting systems allows us to continue meeting the needs of our clients, while offering safe remote-working options for our employees. Please reach out if you are facing challenges or have questions or concerns.

Our COVID-19 precautionary measures and rapid response plan for our offices and field crews align with the recommendations of the Center of Disease Control and State and local governing agencies. Health and safety are, and always have been, a vital part of what we do. When coronavirus has run its course, Westwood will continue to do its part to ensure our people, our clients, and our communities are safe while on the job.

Westwood has a strong team. We are committed to serve our clients and deliver high-quality solutions as we face this pandemic together. We are thankful for your loyal service and are here for you.

Take good care,

Paul Greenhagen

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