February 9, 2021

New Associates

In 2021
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Westwood is pleased to announce the appointment of 26 new associates.

Westwood’s new associates are recognized for their exceptional contributions to Westwood’s growth, company culture, and remarkable client service.

Aaron Stewart – Aviation Services Manager, Appleton, WI
Alex Alvarado – Civil Project Manager, Dallas, TX
Andy Nelson – Water Resources Project Manager, St. Cloud, MN
Brian Wilson – Senior Project Manager, Englewood, CO
Chris Foley – Survey Service Leader, St. Cloud, St. Cloud, MN
Cole Cappel – Certified Planner, Denver, CO
Dan Honomichl – Electrical Project Manager, Minneapolis, MN
David Haile – Project Manager II, Las Vegas, NV
Evan Zik – Field Services Project Manager, Denver, CO
Jason Latzke – Survey Project Manager, St. Cloud, MN
Jay Parikh – Program Manager, Philadelphia, PA
John Blenker – Project Engineer, St. Cloud, MN
Jon Poll – Project Manager I, Las Vegas, NV
Luke Arnquist – National GIS Coordinator, Minneapolis, MN
Mark Anderson – Director, Wind, Denver, CO
Matt Hildreth – Water Resources Project Manager, Minneapolis, MN
Matt Key – Project Manager I, Las Vegas, NV
Matt Morrison – Substation Manager, Philadelphia, PA
Mike Weimer – Electrical Project Manager, Denver, CO
Pat Steenburg – Director, Land Survey Services Colorado, Englewood, CO
Phil Ramlet – Director, Public Infrastructure Market, Appleton, WI
Phil Roberts – Engineering Services Manager, Appleton, WI
Scott Hagadorn – Engineering Manager, Rochester, NY
Travis Poechmann – Project Manager II, Las Vegas, NV
Ty Trammell – Director, Power Delivery, Denver, CO
Waldy Coronado – Project Coordinator, Phoenix, AZ

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