November 11, 2021

Westwood Announces New Charitable Foundation, Westwood GIVES

Westwood GIVES, GIVES, Charitable FOUNDATION Westwood GIVES, GIVES, Charitable FOUNDATION

Westwood is pleased to announce the creation of the Westwood GIVES, a 501c3 charitable foundation.

Westwood GIVES represents the heart of Westwood’s employees and serves as a platform for extending additional resources to causes and needs most important to the team. The mission of Westwood GIVES is to enrich, engage, and impact the world through three pillars of giving: 

Health and Wellbeing (Enrich) - Enrich the lives of children, veterans, and the elderly through financial support for effective therapies and cures for chronic illness and disease, as well as sustenance, clothing, and shelter for those in need.

Professional Industry Support (Engage) - Engage students and fund scholarships for a variety of relevant professional and technical fields. Support high school level STEM programming with the goal of exposing students to Westwood’s variety of professions and potential career paths that could enhance their future.

Building and Infrastructure (Impact) – Positively impact disadvantaged communities and families by providing financial support for organizations that build homes, schools, and the infrastructure to support safe and sustainable living.

Paul Greenhagen, Westwood’s CEO/President, and Westwood GIVES’ Chairman of the Board sees this as the firm’s logical next phase of giving, “As Westwood has grown, we've empowered our people to take a proactive role in giving back at the local level. This has resulted in even more inspiring stories of our team's ability to touch and improve lives throughout the country, and internationally. And yet, as a team, we continually desire to do more. Westwood GIVES will help us achieve that.”

Learn more about Westwood GIVES.

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