August 5, 2021

Westwood Public Infrastructure team Wins Third Award for Engineering Excellence!

CTH CA Project CTH CA Project

Congratulations to Westwood’s Mike Malcolm and his team on winning a third engineering excellence award on the County Trunk Highway CA (CTH CA) project! The project, in Outagamie County, Wisconsin, recently received an Engineering Achievement Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers, Wisconsin Chapter. The project has also been honored with awards for Outstanding Highway Construction and Excellence in Highway Design from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

This transportation project involved the reconstruction of CTH CA a principal arterial highway that serves as the primary connection between the Appleton International Airport and Interstate 41. The existing roadway was experiencing traffic congestion, intersection safety concerns, and inadequate pedestrian accommodations. The reconstructed roadway now provides an aesthetically pleasing gateway from the airport to Interstate 41 and the surrounding communities.

With the completion of the project, traffic congestion and intersection safety concerns along the corridor are a thing of the past. The CTH CA urban roadway blends into the developed surroundings. Travel through the CTH CA corridor by vehicle, bicycle, or on foot has been greatly improved.

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