June 5, 2018

Another First in Zweig's Marketing Excellence

News 2018 Zweig marketing excellence

Westwood was awarded first place in Zweig Group's 2018 Marketing Excellence Holiday category. The award recognizes creativity and success of the campaign by the uniqueness and overall design, planning, budget, and measurement processes.

For the past few years, Westwood has been known for giving quality mug giftsets during the holiday season. "Westwood's clients and vendors work across the country, support a variety of markets and industries, and have a broad range of interests. As a corporate gift, we strive to choose a practical, unique, and memorable gift – something they will want to keep and use," says Clare McDonough, Westwood's director of brand communications.

This is the third time Westwood has received a 1st place Marketing Excellence award since 2015. The firm also received a 3rd place 2018 Marketing Excellence award for two infographic videos, We are surveyors and We are engineers. Westwood was named a Zweig Group's Best Firms to Work For as well this year and for three years in a row.

News 2018 Zweig holiday win

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