June 27, 2017

First Place in Zweig Marketing Awards

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Westwood was awarded first place in Zweig Group’s 2017 Marketing Excellence Social Media category.

Surveying and engineering firms aren’t typically known for creative marketing, but Westwood’s in-house team is working to raise the bar. Clare McDonough, Westwood’s Brand Communications director says, “In all aspects of our business, Westwood is open to innovation. Not all of our ideas fly, but many do, which keeps us creating. In the end, our goal is to provide value to our clients and the company with unique and measurable communication strategies that support business objectives. The Zweig Marketing Excellence awards acknowledge the creative efforts of all involved and we are very happy to be recognized this year.”

Westwood’s 1st Place, “Me-Me” social media campaign ran a series of image macros highlighting its employees and their work with the words, “This is my office. I love my job.” The campaign’s primary objective was to attract top talent to the firm by creating awareness of Westwood’s various services, markets, and office locations, while demonstrating diversity and a positive workplace environment.

Westwood also placed 3rd in the Holiday and 5th in the Integrated Marketing categories. Zweig Group reported a record-breaking number of submittals to the marketing excellence awards this year. This is the second time Westwood received three Marketing Excellence awards from Zweig Group since 2015.

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