June 1, 2021

Meet New Westwood Associate Andy Nelson

Photo of Andrew Nelson Photo of Andrew Nelson

Get to know our newest associates! We are excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward. The associate designation at Westwood represents a team member who provides considerable value to the firm through their leadership traits and technical expertise.

Andy Nelson, Water Resource Project Manager, Power Solar Services at Westwood, is a 2021 associate. He joins 25 of his colleagues in earning the distinction given to employees who demonstrate our values and leadership capabilities.

Andy is based in Westwood’s St. Cloud, Minnesota, office. To Andy, being an associate is a call to leadership. “Associates’ leadership sets the tone for the entire team, and I want to do my part in being an example with Westwood’s values at the forefront of my leadership strategies,” says Andy.

One of Westwood’s core values is “relationships.” Andy aligns with the goal of relationship building at Westwood and with clients. He says, “Relationships are the key to our success, whether they are with our Westwood teams or our clients. I do my best to strengthen those relationships daily.”

Andy is excited about working in an industry with rapid change, and it motivates him to find solutions to new challenges. “The renewable energy industry is fast-paced and always evolving, which gives us opportunities to adapt to these changes with new services or approaches to better serve our clients,” says Andy.

He continues, “Westwood is an exciting place to work and we have great teams, and the teams we have built stand out in the industry. We truly care about our clients and want to succeed for them.”

Motivation for Andy comes from seeing his team being successful and helping them do that in any way he can. “Helping others achieve their goals motivates me. Whether I’m helping a client find a solution to a challenging problem, or mentoring someone early in their career, it’s always rewarding to see the product of the work you put in,” says Andy.

Andy is happy to be part of an innovative and solutions-oriented team at Westwood. He says, “Our water resource services team has a very strong culture of innovation where everyone is continuously looking to improve processes or figure out how to do something for the first time. I am very proud of my role on this team and being able to work with this group every day.”

Congratulations, Andy, and thank you for your contributions to Westwood’s leadership and growth.

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