May 27, 2021

Meet New Westwood Associate Jason Latzke

Jason Latzke Jason Latzke

Get to know our newest associates! We are excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward. The associate designation at Westwood represents a team member who provides considerable value to the firm through their leadership traits and technical expertise.

Jason Latzke, Survey Project Manager, Wind Power Services at Westwood, is a 2021 associate. He joins 25 of his colleagues in earning the distinction given to employees who dedicate themselves to Westwood’s mission, vision, values, and leadership.

Jason is based out of Westwood’s St. Cloud, Minnesota, office. To Jason, being an associate is a great way for him to help lead his peers as Westwood grows. “The associate position is the perfect platform to motivate my peers to experience and embrace Westwood’s strong culture.”

Culture is an important part of the work Westwood does internally, with clients, and the public. Jason says Westwood’s core values have been imperative in his ability to achieve his goals.

He says, “I demonstrate my commitment to Westwood's core values by developing a level of trust with our clients that allows them to recognize Westwood for our work. They appreciate the relationship that is built during the process of achieving success and quality at the end of their projects.”

Jason is motivated by seeing his team come together and create innovative solutions for the communities they serve. “I enjoy working with a diverse group of professionals who provide an interesting mix of ideas and ways of approaching and resolving challenges,” says Jason.

He continues, “It motivates me to see that my technical knowledge and daily collaboration with my team contributes to the development of our community.”

Promoting a positive culture is a large part of being an associate at Westwood. Jason says, “Being an associate is playing a larger role as an ambassador and advocate for Westwood. We are constantly striving to provide quality customer service, expanded service offerings, or personal or professional growth opportunities for team members.”

For Jason, success is defined by the impact he has had on the people and community that surrounds him. He aligns himself with Westwood’s mission to fulfill client’s needs to make their lives better. He says, “Once a need is fulfilled with empathy, success is achieved, not only by our client and our people but also by Westwood.”

He continues, “It makes me proud to contribute to other people’s success and Westwood provides me with that opportunity.

Thank you, Jason, for supporting Westwood’s mission of growth, quality culture, and values. We appreciate your leadership.  

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