November 24, 2020

Meet One of Westwood’s 2020 Top Project Managers, Jerrod Ratcliffe

Each year, Westwood’s company awards acknowledge the contributions of top project managers, mentors, client champions, and culture ambassadors. Jerrod Ratcliffe is one of our award winners. Find out why Jerrod focuses on building quality relationships.

When asked which Westwood core value means the most to Jerrod he said with certainty, relationships. The bonds Jerrod has forged, both internally and externally, have been years in the making. “The relationships I have built have been a major component to successfully completing projects,” says Jerrod.

To build strong relationships with clients, Jerrod focuses on quality and client satisfaction. Jerrod’s team works primarily in the public sector. “The determining factor for projects is past performance and quality,” says Jerrod. “We are proud to produce the work we do and continue to get more opportunities for future work.”

For quality work to be produced, Jerrod leads a team that has an exceptional work ethic and efficiency. This environment is what he enjoys most about working at Westwood. He is proud to be part of a team that is still learning and growing but produces high-quality work that remains within budget and on schedule.

Congratulations Jerrod! We are grateful to have you on our team.

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