March 16, 2021

Meet Westwood Associate Aaron Stewart

Aaron Stewart Aaron Stewart

Get to know our newest associates! We are excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward. The associate designation at Westwood represents a team member who provides considerable value to the firm through their leadership traits and technical expertise.

Aaron Stewart is one of Westwood’s new 2021 associates. Aaron, along with 25 other Westwood professionals, was recognized as an associate this year for their dedication to leadership and embodiment of the Westwood core values.

Aaron joined the Westwood team through the acquisition of OMNNI Associates, a small transportation company in Appleton, Wisconsin, in June 2019. As aviation services manager in Appleton, Aaron is excited about helping Westwood expand aviation services with his young team of engineers.

Aaron was pleasantly surprised at his associate nomination. He speculates his nomination came from his ability to form strong relationships, which aligns with Westwood’s core values.”

“I think my relationship-building skills are representative of what an associate should be. My group is young and they are all passionate about their clients and building relationships. I think my nomination is representative of the group as a whole,” says Aaron.

As one of the prior owners of OMNNI, Aaron is excited about the ability to work with a company like Westwood which is dedicated to growth. He says one piece of advice he can give to employees early in their careers is that hard work pays off.

“I always thought to stay positive and work hard. The two of those things can go a long way together,” says Aaron.

Aaron also shared that the way engineers should approach solution building for clients is to truly listen and get to know the problem from the customer's eyes first.

“Keeping the client in mind is important for us as engineers. We always want to solve a problem, but it can be easy to do that through a scope without listening to the client and seeing the problem through their eyes,” he says.

“Taking time to truly listen to their concerns is so beneficial to the result of solving the problem, and it can help us expand our business model in the long run,” says Aaron.

Thank you, Aaron, for your dedication to Westwood. Congratulations!

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