July 10, 2020

Meet Westwood Associate Josh Johnson

Photo of Joshua Johnson

Get to know our newest shareholders and associates over the coming weeks. We're excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward. 

“I take pride in helping develop and improve the community, and providing clients with the best service,” says new associate Josh Johnson. He’s also proud of Westwood’s great team. “I enjoy the spirit of our people and their willingness to help each other. We’re all very creative and love to learn and grow.”

One of Josh’s favorite memories at Westwood was when his office held an office Olympics. “I really enjoyed it because it was great to have friendly competition, relax, have fun, and get to know other employees you don’t normally work with. Participation was great. My team didn’t win, but we didn’t come in last, either!”

Josh thrives on the challenging and ever changing work at Westwood. He shares that he’s probably known around the office for putting out fires. “I jump around from one emergency to the next.”

The Associate designation at Westwood represents a team member who provides considerable value to the firm through their leadership traits and technical expertise.

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