August 24, 2020

Meet Westwood Shareholder Drew Szabo

Photo of Andrew Szabo

Get to know our newest shareholders and associates! We're excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward.

New shareholder Drew Szabo joined Westwood in 2015 with the opening of our Madison, Wisconsin office. He was one of 10 professionals that came to Westwood from a previously established renewable energy team. “It was a bold step to bring us all onboard together, and now with nearly 30 employees in the office, one that has proved to be really successful,” Drew says. Seeing the expansion in his office, our core value of growth speaks to Drew. “I can also see it in the increase in the depth and skill level of our staff. Everyone I work with is always eager to learn more to find ways to do a better job.”

“The thing that makes me most proud of my work is the beneficial impact we are having on the Earth with our renewable energy work,” shares Drew. “Once I dozed off on a cross-country flight. When I woke up, unaware of how far we had flown, the clouds below parted momentarily, and I happened to recognize an Indiana wind farm we had worked on directly below. It was a strange and wonderful coincidence.”

For Drew, being a shareholder means that he and Westwood really value each other. “It feels like a meaningful mutual commitment in a way that I’ve never had before in my career. Ultimately this is one of the most fulfilling parts of a career with Westwood.”

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, seeing the original Altamont Pass wind farm fueled Drew’s interest in wind power and renewables. Around the office, Drew is pretty down to business, however he is known for his occasional musical flash-mobbing of company meetings.

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