July 27, 2020

Meet Westwood Shareholder Matt Wessale

Photo of Matt Wessale

Get to know our newest shareholders and associates! We're excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward. 

“I’m a builder, that’s why I became an engineer,” says new shareholder Matt Wessale. “For five years I was a field engineer helping build wind and solar across North America. Now, I’m fortunate to be building an amazing team that provides services focused on integrating technology and innovation within the construction of nationwide wind, solar, and power delivery projects.”

As the leader of Westwood’s rapidly growing field services group, Matt values growth. “When a company is growing, opportunities abound within the organization, in turn, providing staff challenging and stimulating workload, advancement opportunities, and financial rewards,” he says. “For me, growth keeps things interesting and fuels my need to build things!”

One of Matt’s favorite memories at Westwood is when the team was hired to develop a new form of pull testing for a 225-mile transmission line project in northern Minnesota. “The test required us to load thousands of guy anchors to 80,000 lbs. at a 45 degree angle while on an ice road over a peat bog!” he shares. “We retrofitted a bulldozer into a north woods anchor-testing beast. The first day of testing, all eyes were on us and I wasn’t sure if our contraption would work. After setting up on our first anchor, I slowly advanced the hydraulics, 20,000 lbs., 40,000 lbs., 60,000 lbs., 80,000 lbs., success! I’ve never been more relieved than in that moment. By the end of the project, we successfully performed over 3,600 load tests and exceeded production rate expectations.”

Matt is a world traveler and a mountaineer. “Travel and adventure is in my DNA and likely why field work has always been so appealing to me.” 

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