December 1, 2021

Westwood Tackles CTH ZZ Reconstruction Project

cth zz reconstruction; public infrastructure; westwood cth zz reconstruction; public infrastructure; westwood

Westwood’s Public Infrastructure team is excited to share details on the CTH ZZ Reconstruction project. Led by Project Manager, Peggy Hawley, PE, and located in Brown County, Wisconsin, the project included the realignment and reconstruction of 5.5 miles of rural roadway, of which 3.5 miles are adjacent to the Fox River. Construction has been underway since 2016 and is set to be complete in 2022.

Several areas along the Fox River exhibited slope stability issues and were in danger of failure. Westwood designed a new alignment, profile, and slope benching to relieve the conditions that contributed to slip plane failure along the river’s bank. Additionally, bank stability measures were designed in areas subject to erosion and undercutting from river currents.

CTH ZZ Reconstruction; Westwood; Public InfrastructureCTH ZZ Reconstruction; Westwood; Public Infrastructure

Much of the new roadway needed to be relocated further from the river. New alignment was established to accommodate the widened roadway in these areas, which required large cuts into adjacent slopes and the construction of seven modular block retaining walls to minimize impacts to adjoining properties. Additionally, 2,650 linear feet of two-sheet pile retaining walls were installed where the roadway could not be relocated. Drainage issues along sideroads and the mainline were addressed to eliminate road flooding and slope erosion, and the existing bridge over the East River was replaced with a new PPC girder bridge.

Additionally, three sections of the road that were built under emergency contract needed reconstruction due to slope failure that caused one- to two-foot drop-offs.

Westwood appreciated the opportunity to work on the CTH ZZ Reconstruction. Project challenges offered learning and growing experiences for the team. The project required multi-discipline professional engineering services including traffic, transportation, stormwater, environmental, and land surveying.

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