Client Multiple
Location Various locations across the U.S.

Drone Services

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Pilot UAS/Drone Flights
  • Collect Aerial Imagery
  • Process Aerial Imagery Data
  • Generate and Process LiDAR-Like Point Clouds
  • Produce Survey, Mapping, and Video Products


Westwood’s Aerial Mapping & LiDAR team offers drones as one of several options for surveying, mapping, monitoring, and recording projects. Drones provide new opportunities to enhance processes and deliverables. Whether the project is one acre of commercial development or hundreds of miles of pipeline or transmission line, drones offer quick and efficient aerial photography to support multiple project activities.  

With drones, Westwood’s team can:

  • Create 3D models of existing sites for exploring potential site improvements
  • Enable virtual interactive site evaluation
  • Track site construction and improvement over time
  • Assess sites before, during, and after construction from an aerial perspective
  • Conduct post-construction and as-built surveys
  • Monitor and inspect construction on projects over many miles
  • Create preliminary engineering surveys