July 31, 2020

Meet New Shareholder Estes Parker

Photo of Estes Parker

Get to know our newest shareholders and associates! We're excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward.

Estes Parker values dedication as the starting point for success. “The value that a client places in a consultant is directly tied to the expectation that the consultant is fully dedicated to the success of the project,” he explains. “This trickles down as well to dedication of team members to each other, and to the company as a whole. Initiative, innovation, growth, and relationship-building can happen organically if you are fully dedicated.” As a shareholder, Estes is dedicated to the health and growth of Westwood and being a leader through example.

Estes’ dedication has led him to important learning moments. “When the first large project that I worked on went to construction, it saw a lot of problems in the field. Some of these were design-related, some were material-related. We spent many long days fixing and redesigning on the fly to accommodate the construction schedule and use the material available at-hand,” shares Estes. “While bumpy, at the end of the project, the client felt it was a success. It was an easy learning experience: while many projects will encounter problems, the way in which those problems are handled and reacted to leaves a lasting impression.”

Around the office, Estes appreciates team gatherings and celebrations that include treats! Whether its Friday donuts or a team member’s birthday, work anniversary, or something else, he will be there. “It’s nice to always feel like there is something to celebrate!”

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