June 28, 2021

Meet New Westwood Associate Phil Roberts

Photo of Phil Roberts Photo of Phil Roberts

Get to know our newest associates! We are excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward. The associate designation at Westwood represents a team member who provides considerable value to the firm through their leadership traits and technical expertise.

Phil Roberts, Engineering Services Manager in Appleton, Wisconsin, is one of Westwood’s new 2021 associates. Phil joins 25 of his Westwood colleagues in earning the distinction given for their dedication to leadership and the embodiment of Westwood’s core values.

Phil says working for a company that encourages similar values to his own is a reason he is excited for his role as an associate to champion those values across the company. “I believe in honesty and integrity, and I try to show that in my work every day,” says Phil.

Relationships are a core value of Westwood, and Phil cultivates those relationships with his clients and his team to make sure everyone is successful in their work and their project outcomes. Phil says, “Honesty is key to building trust with clients, and when they trust you, that can bring your relationship a long way.”

He continues, “Even when it comes to telling your client something they may not want to hear, it’s important to be communicative and be honest in your conversations with them to build trust.”

Growth and change are things Phil is well-positioned for at Westwood. Phil joined the Westwood team as part of the OMNNI Associates acquisition, and he has played a large role in easing the transition with his team and clients.

“Growth is a great thing. It’s natural to be intimidated by growth, and the intimidation can sometimes come from the client’s end. I ensure our clients that we are better positioned to help them reach their goals, and we are the same people simply working under a different name,” says Phil.

“This is a key piece to the relationship core value and making sure your clients trust you even in times of change,” says Phil.

Making sure his clients are happy is how Phil defines success. “When we define something as successful, it’s usually because our clients are happy with the project and the outcomes. Seeing the positive impact we have on our clients and communities is how I view success,” says Phil.

Congratulations, Phil!

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