December 11, 2020

Meet One of Westwood’s 2020 Top Project Managers, Alex Alvarado

Each year, Westwood’s company awards acknowledge the contributions of top project managers, mentors, client champions, and culture ambassadors. Learn more about Alex’s passion for renewable energy and why he values relationships. 

Alex joined Westwood two years ago when a friend convinced him Westwood was a great place to work. Flashforward and Alex wishes he would have found Westwood and the renewable industry 15 years ago. “My role as a project manager in the wind market gives a higher purpose to engineering than previous roles,” says Alex. “I can positively contribute to communities across the country by providing an energy source that has fewer negative effects on the environment.”

Alex, like so many other company award winners, values relationships. Alex says his team has strong chemistry, and completing projects to Westwood’s high standard wouldn’t be possible without them. His favorite ongoing memory with his team in Dallas is dressing up for Christmas. “All the leaders dress up in Christmas suits,” says Alex. “It is meaningful to see individuals up and down the organization participate.”

Alex says he feels blessed to have joined Westwood when he did. He hopes to continue to help grow the industry. “Most engineering college graduates aren’t aware of the renewables industry as a career path,” says Alex. “I want to increase awareness for the future of renewables.”

Many may be surprised to know that if Alex isn’t listening to sports radio in his office, he is listening to music from the ’80s and ’90s.

Congratulations Alex! We are grateful to have you as part of our team.

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