December 22, 2020

Meet One of Westwood’s 2020 Top Project Managers, Dani Nygren

Photo of Danielle Nygren Photo of Danielle Nygren

Each year, Westwood’s company awards acknowledge the contributions of top project managers, mentors, client champions, and culture ambassadors. Find out what Dani prides most about her work and why Westwood’s core value “initiative” speaks most to her.

“I enjoy all the opportunities for growth that we have here at Westwood,” says Dani, when asked what she most enjoys about working at Westwood. “Because of this environment, the team is always striving to do better, making Westwood a fun, engaging, and rewarding place to be.”

The desire to continually improve is why the core value, initiative, speaks most to Dani. She remarks, “It is the start of every task, relationship, and path moving forward. It is about taking ownership and defining where you want to go.”

This mentality is what she instills in the employees she mentors. She loves to see her coworkers grow and reach new heights. She takes pride in developing her team to provide the best quality of work for clients.

She has also created some of the best memories surrounded by her coworkers. Some of Dani’s favorite memories include volunteering at events like Habitat for Humanity and GridAlternative WeBuild Program. She also recounts several site visit memories. She said, “Whether it was roaming a rocky hillside landscape in a UTV looking for the ideal turbine placement or making a construction site visit to troubleshoot drainage issues, every visit was an adventure with a new set of challenges.”

Congratulations Dani! We are thankful you are part of the Westwood team.

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