July 13, 2020

Meet Westwood Associate Matt Gaarder

Photo of Matthew Gaarder

As an associate, Matt Gaarder aims to support others. “I’m a person another co-worker could reach to for career advice or with questions about what Westwood does and how they can make the best of their time here,” he shares. In his work, Matt most takes pride in when a client keeps reaching out to Westwood to be their partner in developing and building projects.

Looking to the future, Matt says, “I see us continuing to grow and develop services that allow Westwood to be that one stop shop, that we can take projects from the initial development stage all the way through to construction. I’m amazed at the amount of growth that has taken place over my 10 years here; I don’t see how the next 10 would be any different.”

Walking around the office often, Matt has been asked by several employees if he actually works! “I believe in trying to build relationships with other employees,” he explains. “I found that talking to others face-to-face builds trust faster, which leads to many impromptu desk meetings.” Matt is not deterred in continuing to build relationships, now checking in with others from six feet away.

The Associate designation at Westwood represents a team member who provides considerable value to the firm through their leadership traits and technical expertise.

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