Field Services

Field Services

Data management and progress tracking

Our field services team is a collaboration hub of Westwood technology and expertise combined with engineering, GIS, land, and construction services. For time-efficient data management and progress tracking, our site specialists come to the field with extensive skills, knowledge, and technology.  

Wind turbine delivery studies and field technology allow turbine access to wind projects. Wind turbine delivery studies and field technology allow turbine access to wind projects.
topographical background topographical background

Committed to delivering the best construction observation and coordination possible, we focus on clear communication with our clients so timely decisions are made that keep the project on schedule and within budget. In-depth pre-construction field studies allow us to design smarter for wind, solar, and power projects. 

Core Expertise
  • Construction Services
  • GIS Project Tracking (Field Maps)
  • As-Built Support and Contractor Compliance
  • Asset Inspection
  • Project Management
  • Pile Load Testing
  • Utility Discovery
  • Wind Turbine Delivery Studies (Trial Runs)
  • Virtual Site Visits
  • Make Ready Field Evaluation
  • Demurrage Accounting Platform
  • Delivery Route Analysis
Field Services Projects
Athos I & II Solar
R0013768.01_SB Energy projects and Sensehawk as the source_Zone 10,11, & 12 2-14-2022.jpg

Desert Center, CA
Client: SB Energy, Intersect Power, and Rosendin Electric
Scope: 5-square miles of 450 MW of solar

Horse Heaven Energy Center

Benton County, Washington
Client: Scout Clean Energy
Scope: 1,150 MW Wind, Solar, and Battery Storage

Great Northern Transmission Line

Client: POWER Engineers
Scope: 225-mile, 500-kV transmission line and two substations

Alamo Solar

San Antonio, Texas
Client: Blattner Energy; M.A. Mortenson Construction; and OCI Solar Power
Scope: 361 MWac (Phases 2-7) of 400 MWac solar project

Copper Ridge

Woodbury, MN
Client: DR Horton
Scope: 377 homes on 128 acres

Minnesota Community Solar
Aerial image of Minnesota Community Solar solar panels.

Client: US Solar Corporation
Scope: 100 sites, 1 MWac each

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