April 15, 2021

New Land and Power Division Leaders Geared up for Westwood’s Long-Term Growth

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Expanding on its recently announced evolving organizational structure, Westwood has appointed Dan Beckmann, PE to Senior Vice President, Power Division, and Rob Copouls, PE to Senior Vice President, Land Division. These appointments represent the firm’s renewed focus on scalability, productivity, and effectiveness for long-term growth and success.

As Power Division leader, Beckmann is responsible for driving growth and developing Westwood’s wind, solar, and power delivery markets and thirteen service groups. Dan says, “There is so much opportunity for power generation and power delivery today and it is exciting to be in a position where I could make a difference. What we do feels good and contributes to safer communities. I look forward to finding new ways to support our clients with innovations and designs that last long into the future.”

In his previous role, Beckmann led Westwood’s power delivery group where he oversaw significant growth through strategic planning and acquisitions. Since joining Westwood in 2005, Beckmann has leveraged his experience managing a diverse portfolio of projects in land development, renewable energy, and power delivery to hone his leadership skills. He has a passion for developing relationships, creating platforms for innovations, and supporting Westwood’s giving back initiatives.

Leading the Land Division, Copouls is responsible for operations and strategic implementation of land development growth strategies for Westwood’s three land regions that support public and private work. Copouls says, “I hope to develop efficiencies which drive the division forward and build a strong team of leaders to best serve our clients and their long-term goals.”

Copouls joined Westwood in 2005. He was an early member of the Power Division before transitioning to a leadership role in operations. He supported 450 staff in wind, solar, and power delivery projects across the U.S. and served as a primary integrator for the division’s three markets, thirteen service groups, and ten offices. Prior to his roles in the Power Division, Copouls worked on land development projects around the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

Beckmann and Copouls’ new positions were previously held by Aaron Tippie, PE, Westwood’s Chief Strategy Officer, and Bryan P. Powell, PE, Westwood’s Chief Operations Officer.

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